So…. (By Chloe)

With Finch just back from Summer Camp, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what has happened. Unfortunately my camera  broke so I couldn’t take any pictures so ill use existing ones instead. When Finch came back all he kept saying I want to meet River, Can I meet River again? I said maybe even though I’ve River or his Parents. Yesterday was Finch’s birthday. He’s a teen now and is quite a romantic teen and has a dream of owning a mansion. He has taken a fancy in Cooking and Art but he still loves the outdoors and his violin. I had to get him a new violin because he’s grown out of his old one but its the same style.

Finch, Oh, Finch

Finch, Oh, Finch

Finch has grown up so much and in so little time. I love him as much as ever.

Finch nearly set himself on fire so i better go deal with it. Even though he’s a teen he can still get into trouble

See You,





How to draw a plumbob.

As I am on holiday I thought I would do a art project for you.  I hope you enjoy it and I will continue doing it if you like it Enjoy!

Step 1:
Draw something similar to this. My dimensions were 10 across and 14 up


Step 2:
Join it up. Your plumbob might look chubby dependent on how wide and tall you did it.


Step 3:
Draw some more lines (not very specific i know) so it looks something similar to this


Step 4
Go over all the lines with a darkish green. For this tutorial I used an emerald green crayon.


Step 5:
Colour in the front diamond with an emerald green (unless you are doing a different coloured plumbob in which case ignore me) then use the same green but lighter on the outside so it looks like this


Congratulations your plumbob is done. I apologise if the camera quality wasn’t good because I was using my phone.    

I will do my Sims stories when I get back off my holidays. Anyway enjoy.

Nightmares and Explosions

So I woke up in the middle of the night to hear screaming. I frantically ran through to the girs room to find they were sound asleep. So I dashed through to Izzy’s room where she lay screaming asleep and she was pulling funny faces.

Err, Izzy are you ok?

Err, Izzy are you ok?

I woke her up and she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said “I h-had a dream were my mu-mum and d-dad ca-came after me but they we-re angry so th-they dumped me in the b-bin and yo-you never adop-adopted  and you sa-said that you didn’t w-want me so th-they p-put me ba-back in the bin.”

I could see that Izzy was very distressed so i reassured her and said “izzy, your part of our family, we would never do that to you, Mag and Kat love you. We would never abandon you. You are a amazing little girl with so much to live up to, I am proud of you, for getting through this.

Just to chear her up a made her some pancakes and took them up to her. She hugged me and ate them all up and then she got in a conversation with Unico (The unicorn). To be honest I thought unicorns were girls but I let her continue her conversation.

Yeah. So.. Uh Huh. Really? Wow. Unico what a good joke!

Yeah. So.. Uh Huh. Really? Wow. Unico what a good joke!

Meanwhile Kat had woken up grabbed some of the remaining pancakes, ate them, nearly set the house on fire, and then went to school with everyone. To be honest I was relieved when they left. I mean, I love them but theres only so much i can take!!


P.S There has been no more “nearly blowing up the house incidents” or “nightmares about being disowned” so i guess my pep talk worked!! Win Win in my books

Look at Kat, She's so cute in her pink outfit

Look at Kat, She’s so cute in her pink outfit

The Wonder Child (Kristine)

Meet Josephine . Born on the 3rd of June 2015.

Look At Her Little Smile =)

Look At Her Little Smile =)

She is so cute!. She is definately a Wonder Child. She’s got such a cute smile!. I mean look.. who couldn’t love her. They’d have to have a heart of stone.06-03-15_9-27 PM

Somethings up with Josh. He says he’s fine but I don’t believe him. Its just a feeling. He seems shifty and uncomfortable around me. I don’t know why. He’s been acting this way for a while now. He was like scrabling for his phone while I was in Labour, not bothering to call the hospital. I just don’t know whats wrong with him. Well Josie is crying so see you later.


I woke up and to my surprise Josie was walking around the house. Not as in crawling but as in walking.

Oh hi mum

Oh hi mum

She is a redhead with a very creative personality. According to the government we have to choose this thing called an aspiration in which the child has to strive towards. Weird I know. I mean the first thing she did was go to the drawing table which made me guess she was creative. She drew a picture of a tree which I later redrew and hung in her bedroom

The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life..

Josephine is very curious and loves playing on the monkey bars. I mean she prefers art (I asked her) but the monkey bars are good for inspiration. She just sits there and watches the world go by.

Well I got to help Josie with her artwork, giving her pointers and such. Goodnight,


P.S. Josh is still acting suspisious. I put this at the bottom of the post cause its pretty undectable. The government  read over every single thing I do.  I have to watch over my back when Im out shopping or anything else


Hi there. It’s Finch. I am dedicating this to my mum. She has done many things for me and helped me out alot. She’s fed me, helped me with homework and got me my best friend Bearemy. He’s soo fluffy.

My mum's awesome!

My mum’s awesome!

Here are some reason’s why I love my mum:

1. She is always there for you:  I don’t know about your mum but mines always here for me. i love her and in return she looks after me and loves me. She helps me with almost everything! (except painting thats dad’s expertise). She has watched me grow up.

2. She always helps you: My mum is very helpful and she gives me support in whatever I do. She helps me with Homework, Schoolwork and even my musical work. My Violin teacher Mrs Tea says I’m an exceptional violinist and that I seem to be born into music. I guess I love music.

My Viola

My Viola

3. She gives you stuff: My mum has given me many things life, my Viola, Meanings, paintings and most of all Bearemy. Bearemy is my giant bear who I absolutely love. You can see him in the corner of the photo above.



4, She’s your mum! :     I love my mum and I don’t know what I would do without her.

5. She painted my most prized possesion. My most prized possesion is this painting my mum painted me. Its so pretty and it inspires me. Even when I get old I am going to pass this on and it will be a family treasure. Or at least thats my plan

My namesake painting

My namesake painting

Better Angle

Better Angle

So I love my mum and I hope you do. It’s getting late so I better go to bed

See ya later -Birdy

I love you mum <3

I love you mum ❤

Superstition and Tree’s

While waiting for Casey/Jodie I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I started painting and just got carried away. I thought about how life had treated me well considering I lost my memory. But I was fortunate to meet Josh.05-12-15_7-15 PM

I went to play some games when i had the feeling I was being watched. I looked towards the gift that I had recieved from the government and I thought one of the corners had a camera in it.05-12-15_7-23 PM-3

Anyway this will have to be a shortish blog because I have to go to the hospital to have a check up. But theres still like 30 minutes until I have to leave. If only I could adopt a pet. I have learned that pets are good for stimulating young children’s brains. I also write a poem about a full moon

Full Moon

Wolves are howling,

Cats are meowing

Rats Scuttling

Parrots Caw-Caw-ing

The full moon

Glowing in the Dusk

Pretty as ever

Listen to the animals

singing there own song

but soon there shall be

1 more

to sing along


Or Casey

Fate will deside

none will diminish my pride

cause after all

The full moon

Glows in the night

So I hope you enjoyed my little poem for my daughter/son I spent a lot of time working on it. Well I better go to the hospital so Good night


Glowing in the moonlight...

Glowing in the moonlight…